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With over 13 years designing amazing websites for businesses locally and nationally, we have the expertise and the passion for making your project a resounding success.


Easy For You

We design our websites so that content is easily uploaded or embedded and pages can be easily updated, added, and removed. We design the backend so it’s intuitive to upload media (videos, photos, etc) and publish new content.

Content Strategy

Writing for the web is more than just a grammatical skill. It requires branding strategy, conversion optimization, keyword targeting, UI/UX knowledge, and an intimate understanding of conventions and best practices.

Trackable, Results-Oriented Focus

If you’re hiring Tech Diva Media for a beautiful design and a resulting website, app, eBook, online course or other digital product, then it’s key to know if it’s working for you. We’re interested in working long-term to find what works, letting the conversion numbers inform how to optimize your design.

Website, App + UX/UI Design

I’ll get to know you and your market, then design a website, app or similar digital product to help you connect with them. Planning, mapping and designing a website vs. an app requires an understanding of the platforms, certainly, but also an understanding of your audience and how to reach them.

Experienced Team

My team and I have “grown up” with the web. We each started back in the “early days” of HTML and PHP websites, and then evolved from there. I’ve been working in the online marketing circles since 2008, and I LOVE learning new things. So you’ll have someone that’s keen to what’s worked, what still works and what is just trendy but useless.

Copywriting Support

We will ensure that your web copy is scannable, user-friendly, and always actionable. We have decades of experience writing for the web, and we’d love to help you tell your story and improve your bottom line.

Road Mapping + Wireframing

This is the secret ingredient behind the scenes that gives power and effectiveness to your project. Road mapping and wireframing helps you and us both understand where you’re going (and why), how long it will take, how much investment you should expect to make and what risks you might face along the way. After our Discovery Phase, you’ll have a clear path that will help you solve the challenges your company faces as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

SEO Optimization

Creating a gorgeous design without people coming to see it is a tragedy. If part of your marketing strategy involves getting organic search or paid traffic, we can support you with optimizing your site or YouTube channel with your keywords, tags, etc. We have experience working with clients large and small to help them gain traction with their SEO and SEM marketing by first getting visitors, then turning those visitors into leads.

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