Design your brand to connect with the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

“It’s a delight to work with someone that ‘gets’ it, someone who can see and execute my vision better than I expected.” – Andi Falcone

Hi! I’m Chelsea  |  Founder + Creative Director

I’m here to help make your great ideas accessible to broader audiences using design, story, positioning and timing.

Here are 3 ways I can help you:

1. I’m a “creative distiller”: a designer and copywriter that understands web + app development, so your idea can be captured, translated and shared to your ideal audience(s) aesthetically and effectively.

2. I’m passionate about learning how to learn, and how to help others learn and grow from new concepts. I can help you “package” your ideas and offerings. You’ve got great things to share; I can help you figure out how to help it spread effectively to those that will benefit from it the most.

3. Finally, I can help you with product design + strategy. For example, would an online course, mastermind program or training workshop benefit your audience? We can expand your offerings by repurposing what you have.

“Chelsea makes it easy to extract my ideas and design them into reality for me.” – A. Lalla

“Ever so often you come across a rockstar with integrity and vision to work with. Chelsea is that person.” – C. Reynaldo

Imagine boldly. Create elegantly.

Tech Diva Media is a boutique design studio that works with clients to coach their vision, find their unique market position and then design it something that can be shared with the world. I have a BFA degree in graphic design, and taught myself front-end development for a few years (just enough to be dangerous).

What that means is: I design to work with you, the client, on the front-end, then I can communicate it to a development team on the backend to build results that are beautiful as well as effective.

“First a website, then creating an online academy with courses and curriculum and now a mobile app…our work together continues to evolve.” – P. Ratzan

“I wouldn’t be where I am with my online programs, training and coaching business without Chelsea’s vision and implementation.” – N. Stratton

Show the world your idea

We live in a world where you can take your idea and get something launched quickly.

But to connect with your audience and actually make an impression, the design requires careful consideration of your audience, your platform, your tone and market positioning.

If you want to invest in a relationship that gets results for your business, you need to work with someone that understands how to study your market, how to craft your messaging and aesthetic for it and how to strategize for long-term results.

“Not sure how you manage to take my spurts of thoughts and wrap them into something organized and beautiful, but it’s awesome!” – D. Engle

Meet Chelsea.

I’m someone that has one foot standing in your heart and vision, and the other in the design and technical requirements to make it into reality.

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