I am a freelancer,
Executive Assistant,
Web/Graphics Designer
& Social Media Manager

Be a blessing to someone, just enough for your own.
Would you rather have plenty to keep just for yourself?
Cause I bet there’s so many people you could share it with.

I have been working in the call center industry for almost 5 years and the remaining 2 years was for an administrative role with one of the leading hospitals in the Philippines.I have handled recently an Account for 2 years as a Collections Adviser for a Telecommunications Campaign.

I’m a single mom and for years I was looking for an opportunity to work at home so I could spend more time with my son. Although, I have been a member of Odesk and Elance for almost a year, I have not paid any attention in completing my profile with neither both of the websites. I didn’t find time to update and bid applications since I was still working night shift and I only got a few hours left to browse the internet, mostly to check mail, social media sites and watch movies.
It was only last year when I got the chance to finally focus on setting up working at home. My previous job brought me so much stress from receiving queuing calls and irate customers. I got sick and tired, so I decided to go on Leave for almost a month. Because of that, I was able to check out my profile in Odesk and Elance. In just a week, I was able to find a job and started right away of course with the help of my friend who was also working on the same campaign.
Yes, I understand the risk of leaving your job now before finding a job that you can work at home, so I suggest that once you have the extra time, make sure to spend it on making your profile and sending applications to employers. You will receive notifications anyway in your email once the Employer responds. This website will help you to set up an account and will also give you some tips and advice on how you can build your portfolio.



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