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  • "Thanks so much Chelsea. I wanted to say thank you also for this morning. I really did get a whole lot of value and direction out of our conversation and your email summary was spot-on. The call made my day a really good day! High Five!!"

    Charles Burgess Marketing Consultant, Vancouver, CA
  • "Though we quickly reached low 7-figure sales with a small staff, I began to run out of entrepreneurial steam. Projects got started, then sidetracked. My focus--and sales--stalled for about 2 years. Yet in a mere 3 sessions with Chelsea, clarity returned and we developed a plan. This was SO needed! We are growing steadily, with enthusiasm. Sales are up, stress is down! As a bonus I feel I've gained a friend."

    Adams Hudson CEO, Hudson Ink
  • "You are my angel. I love how you can just 'get' my vision and the look I want."

    Dr. Rachel Eppinga Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Portland, OR
  • "I absolutely love working with you and look forward to our sessions. I really love how you get the concept of coaching which is telling/teaching AND showing. So our calls never end with my feeling stuck and not knowing what to do next. Our calls energise and inspire me. Thank you for that. 
I look forward to learning from you."

    Andrea Harriott Sales Consultant, Health Coach, Jamaica
  • "I don't know what your doing, but whatever it is it seems to be working! We reached 84 visits to the site yesterday which is a new record. Before you started just two months ago we were barely reaching 20 per day. You're doing excellent work. "

    Rich Infurna CEO, Indemax Inc.
  • "You are fantastic at what you do! It's the beginning of a beautiful new journey for me because of you. Thank you!"

    Kate Upchurch Coach & Consultant, Houston, TX
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