Meet Chelsea, designer + founder


Have you said this to yourself at some point?

“I have good ideas in me, but I need someone to extract them…and help me with executing them.”

I’m a digital visionary. My creativity comes from seeing connections between existing ideas, mediums and audiences. My delight and skillset is being able to turn that inspiration into something tangible for the world to see.

So I can take your idea, make it into something that looks awesome (that your audience will love, too), then communicate with the developers, SEO companies, social media managers and anyone else on your team to execute the vision.

I grew up in the woods of West Virginia, lived in the Caribbean islands for a stretch, found my way to NYC and then returned back to the woods a few years ago. Diversity, range and understanding many different environments and strategies is second nature to me. My background and adventures help me to communicate, listen and lead on many levels. My creativity comes alive seeing the connections and how to design cohesiveness. The fun part is seeing a final product that’s more brilliant as a result!


I launched Tech Diva Media in 2010, a design studio that connects good design with digital marketing and brand strategy. We help businesses grow, launch products and build enduring relationships with their communities. We work with small and mid-size businesses and organizations to clarify their purpose, find their digital “voice”, understand their customers and define their goals.

Starting in 2005 as a freelance web designer/front-end developer, I shifted gears to focus on digital marketing in 2008.

I also worked as a consultant and coach for digital marketing company owned by my mentor, Eben Pagan, for 4 years.

In that role, I was responsible for guiding the successful implementation of digital marketing strategies and the technical requirements behind them.

I saw first-hand what made digital marketing successful, how to connect with audiences and what obstacles to avoid.

I expanded my team in 2013 to offer a full range of design, marketing and development services. We help clients build comprehensive and consistent experiences that nurture lasting relationships with their customers.


Click here to listen to my podcast interview on The Truth About Marketing with Kevin Rogers. We cover a ton including:

– My work process for building websites that sell millions
– Favorite books and blogs
– The most valuable real estate on every website
– How I combined an art degree with her love of data
– Common website mistakes that every business needs to avoid
– Why certain contestants always get slaughtered on Shark Tank
… and much more.

What’s the one thing I’ve done that’s produced the most surprising result?

My answer is a surprise two-parter. I also explain how my strategy keeps getting new clients, why everybody is secretly a voyeur, and how marketers should use this to their advantage.

Check out my answer at 24:15.

“What I had in my head I couldn’t really put my finger on. But once we discussed, you came back with a fantastic solution!” – M. O’Grady

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