“What I had in my head I couldn’t really put my finger on. But once we discussed, you came back with a fantastic solution!” – M. O’Grady


If you want to talk moonshine or marketing…I can carry a conversation on either.

I grew up in the woods of West Virginia, lived in the Caribbean islands for a stretch, found my way to NYC and then returned back to the woods a few years ago.

My first digital design/architecting venture was figuring out MS-DOS and how to create rudimentary games on my dad’s work computer when I was 7 and would go to the office with him occasionally to hang out.

I majored in arts in a small liberal arts college, then immediately moved to St. John, an 8-mile long island in the Caribbean.

On St. John in the USVI, I started working for a venture capitalist as his personal “tech assistant” (mostly making sure his Blackberries stayed updated). I kept teaching myself HTML along the way, and stumbled into online marketing a few years later.

My passion is bridging connections and making interactions clear and intuitive—-whether it’s explaining to my family about what Burning Man is or diving into some new meditation workshop or teaching someone how to target practice or helping a client communicate the value of their product to their customers.



Tech Diva Media is a 5-person team that has collaborated for 6+ years, combining experience in UX/UI design, digital marketing, copywriting, web and mobile development and social media marketing.

After getting into website design and development after college, I began focusing on marketing, copywriting and conversion optimization while working as a consultant and coach for digital marketing company owned by Eben Pagan for 4 years.

In that role, I was responsible for guiding the successful implementation of digital marketing strategies and the technical requirements behind them.

I saw first-hand what made digital marketing successful, how to connect with audiences and what obstacles to avoid. Going full time with Tech Diva Media, I added team members to provide necessary project management and technical expertise to help clients utilize digital mediums effectively.

In the past two years, I have personally designed and built websites, created content and produced online courses and a mobile app for an EdTech company as well as for thought leaders in the personal development and corporate leadership niches.

Good design + execution requires a balance of the right-brain and left-brain.


Click here to listen to my podcast interview on The Truth About Marketing with Kevin Rogers. We cover a ton including:

– My work process for building websites that sell millions
– Favorite books and blogs
– The most valuable real estate on every website
– How I combined an art degree with her love of data
– Common website mistakes that every business needs to avoid
– Why certain contestants always get slaughtered on Shark Tank
… and much more.

What’s the one thing I’ve done that’s produced the most surprising result?

My answer is a surprise two-parter. I also explain how my strategy keeps getting new clients, why everybody is secretly a voyeur, and how marketers should use this to their advantage.

Check out my answer at 24:15.

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