My first digital design/architecting venture was figuring out MS-DOS and how to create rudimentary games on my dad’s work computer when I was 7 and would go to the office with him occasionally to hang out.

Since then, I went first in the direction of art/creativity and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration on Graphic Design. They were just starting to offer web design classes in my senior year, so I had enough of a taste of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver software to keep messing with it on my own.

I moved straight to St. John in the US Virgin Islands after that and started working for a venture capitalist as his personal “tech assistant” (mostly making sure his Blackberries stayed updated). I studied for the Series 7 for fun, and kept teaching myself HTML along the way.

A few years later I stepped fully into computer hardware/software repair and worked at Computer Express on St. John, helping to open a second location on St. Thomas, USVI. I stumbled into online marketing through finding Eben Pagan, Dean Jackson, Frank Kern and Joe Polish in that same year.

Since then I have worked directly for Eben Pagan and left Computer Express to go full time with digital design and marketing with my business, Tech Diva Media.

My passion is bridging connections and making interactions clear and intuitive—-whether it’s explaining to my family in the woods of West Virginia about what Burning Man is and why I go or helping a client communicate the value of their product to their customers in a digital space.

I know that new growth comes from listening to the world more creatively…then leveraging my natural OCD tendencies to build systems so more people can access the ideas and information they need to improve their lives.


Click here to listen to my podcast interview on The Truth About Marketing with Kevin Rogers. We cover a ton including:

– My work process for building websites that sell millions
– Favorite books and blogs
– The most valuable real estate on every website
– How I combined an art degree with her love of data
– Common website mistakes that every business needs to avoid
– Why certain contestants always get slaughtered on Shark Tank
… and much more.

What’s the one thing I’ve done that’s produced the most surprising result?

My answer is a surprise two-parter. I also explain how my strategy keeps getting new clients, why everybody is secretly a voyeur, and how marketers should use this to their advantage.

Check out my answer at 24:15.

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