Full disclosure: I’m writing this from St. John, a tiny island in the US Virgin Islands. I flew in today for the month, house-sitting for friends. I lived here for 6 years, so there’s many fond memories and emotions wrapped up with this place for me.

When I lived here, I worked for an investor as his “tech support girl” for several years, until 2008 when the stock market tanked and he down-sized. Then I moved on to partner up with my friend, Jason, to expand his computer repair business from St. John to St. Thomas. We each ran a shop, and I spent many, many hours fixing computers in the last 3 years I was on island.

It was then that I discovered online marketing. Prior to that, I was building websites as a freelancer, but I had no background in marketing. As technology advanced, our small computer repair business wasn’t able to grow (who fixes computers much anymore? Why not buy a new one?). At that time, Jason introduced me to a man named Eben Pagan, a “guru” teaching internet marketing. I went to my first marketing conference 4 1/2 years ago and never looked back.

It was through marketing that I was able to build my own business after leaving Computer Express.

It’s through marketing that I am able to help others build their businesses.

It’s through marketing that you can reach as many people as you imagine, to contribute, support and inspire them.

It’s through marketing that you can take a business that’s sitting in limbo and catapult it in a new direction of growth.

I may sound idealistic, and it might have something to do with the fact that I’m looking out to the endless ocean horizon where anything feels possible.

But because learning marketing has been such a game-changer in my life, it delights me to share with you.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite blogs on marketing, ones that I read regularly. The reason I’ve selected these is because I feel they’re trustworthy, honest, practical and resourceful.

The online world that we live in can be a totally different place to the reality that we live in. If you’re new to the game, it can totally be a blur as you’re bombarded with information from all angles. When you add in social media, YouTube videos, and SEO…all of a sudden you’re totally drowning in the sea of information that is online marketing.

This is just about the time that you really don’t know what to do with yourself and feel like putting your head in your hands and running away.

After a while though, you start separating the B.S. from the really good quality stuff that’s out there.

Warning: these blogs can suck you in and diminish your time with your family and friends. They can also  result in you becoming inspired by how you could do the same and build your own piece of online awesomeness.

1. Smart Passive Income – Written by Pat Flynn, he provides his readers with tons of valuable and workable content for the past few years, while slowly building up his income. The cool thing is he shows you exactly where his money is coming from.

Check out this post: How To Really Profit From Your Blog

2. thinktraffic.net – Written by Corbett Barr, he also has a free podcast called “The Fizzle Show”. Both the show and his blog give practical, timeless information about online markeitng.

Check out this post: 42 Timeless Ideas For Attracting More Visitors to Your Website

3. socialtriggers.com – Derek Halpern  ties in the Psychology of the entire online marketing process and shows you how you can really blow your business up by applying simple but tested techniques that will get your blog converting like the pros.

Check out this post: Why Bloggers Fail

4. quicksprout.com – Written by Neil Patel, one of the gurus on the internet who’s build popularity through his work with Tech Crunch.

Check out this post: 11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Blog

5. internetindependence.com  – Craig Ballantyne is the Editor of Early to Rise and has built an amazing business in the fitness niche. He writes amazing content that helps you to build a better business every day. I enjoy the “real world” type examples that he gives.

Check out this post: The Pillars of Internet Independence

6. jeffbullas.com  – If social media is your thing, Jeff publishes cool, shareable and valuable content on what seems like a daily basis. Reading his content may help you learn how to get your content spread around the web like he does.

Check out this post: 20 Stunning Social Media Statistics + Infographic

7. superfastbusiness.com – James Schramko is fast becoming a legend in the online world. He’s the first Australian on the list here. His story is great. When you see a guy who leaves running a multi-million dollar car dealership and a multiple 6-figure salary to run his own online business, then I’d say this is the kind of guy that you want to sit down and listen to.

Check out this post: his whole blog is a little different and pretty darn good, so it’s worth perusing the whole thing

8. Seth Godin – Seth Godin is without a doubt one of the masters of marketing that we can all learn from. The cool thing about Seth’s blog is that he consitently hits you with almost daily posts that cause you to pause and reflect before realizing that the man just quite simply knows what he’s talking about.

Check out this post: Thinking About Money

9. Strategic Profits – Strategic Profits is Rich Schefren’s baby. He’s built million dollar brick and mortar businesses as well as helping many of the online marketers scale up their businesses.

Check out this post: 10 Things I’ve Learned from Building a Multi-Million Dollar Internet Business

10. ChrisDucker.com  – If you want to add leverage to your business, then one of the keys to doing that is outsourcing. Chris has an awesome business with Virtual Staff Finder and has been building up stellar content the past couple of years on all topics related to online marketing.

Check out this post: Going Virtual: How to Work with a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Blog

11. Mind Valley Insights – quickly becoming my favorite, Vishen Lakhiani‘s website posts talks and articles sharing what he and his team have learned while building their uber-successful company, Mind Valley, in just a few short years.

12. ConversionXL – written by Peep Laja of Markitekt, a design agency in Europe, he gives super detailed reports on what works with pricing, landing pages, email sequences, etc.

Check out this post: Pricing Strategies: 13 Articles You Need to Read

Check out this post: How to Avoid Entrepreneurial ADD and Pick the Most Viable Ideas to Pursue

Which blogs do you enjoy reading? What have I overlooked?

You can learn just about every single way to build your online business if you go fishing around these blogs. Each one has a different take on what’s worked, and can inspire you to try new things in your own marketing.

Leave a comment below and let me know YOUR top blogs for online marketing.




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