if utilizing tech, design and digital stuff for your business seems daunting or confusing…

I’m a tech diva that helps you clarify, design + grow the online aspect of your business

how? get an idea from some of my latest projects…

Think of me as your personal digital magician…or tech therapist.

Are you a growing company, educator or entrepreneur? Do you want to brainstorm ideas, get your tech questions answered or map out a business strategy with someone that’s down to earth, happy to answer the “silliest” questions and has a no-BS approach?

Let me brainstorm your digital strategy and help you implement it—whether that’s helping you create online training courses, a mobile app, a new website, a podcast…or shift your messaging in your marketing so your stuff converts better.

Do you have goals for updating your online marketing, but haven’t met an expert that can make it enjoyable and easy for you?

Let’s connect one-on-one, kick some ideas back and forth and maybe have a few laughs along the way.

Are you a growing company?

Tech Diva Media brought its marketing analysis and development services to help Your College Concierge rapidly enter the digital era.


Are you an entrepreneur?

Dr. Dan Engle went from no website to launching 3 new sites, marketing a best-selling book, having an online curriculum and thriving professional network in 12 months.


Recent Projects

I adore what I do…every project takes on a life of its own.

What if it was FUN and ENERGIZING to work with someone that “gets it”?

I’ve heard the horror stories of working with tech companies when the project goes sideways. Not fun. It’s even harder if tech and design aren’t areas that you are deeply familiar with.

I bring a range of perspectives and expertise to the table. My unique skillset comes from being able to stretch into your content and find the bridge to the people you want to work with. (And then I can build it with you.)

If you know you want to create something fresh but are wary of over-hyped marketing fluff or being talked into tech support you don’t need…I can assure you we will have a fun conversation, if nothing else.


Strategy is about discovering your customers’ and users’ needs. It’s vital for your business to understand what they are looking for. I can help you  cater your messaging to what they want by being a bridge between your offer and their desire.


Let me learn about your offerings and your audience. Then I’ll design a classy digital experience that aligns with your brand while being easy and intuitive to use.


With my talented team, we can build complex backend systems as well as simple, elegant apps. We’re a small crew, so you get to benefit from having a nimble team and a personal working relationship.


Don’t know what to do with your analytics? We can work with you to make sense of your customer data and insights – and help drive new business by finding patterns and improving on your existing systems.
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