“Creating Great Work

Never Feels

Like work.”


Chelsea O’Brien
Founder, Tech Diva Media

“It’s a delight to work with someone that ‘gets’ it, someone who can see and execute my vision better than I expected.” – Andi Falcone

The Science and Art of Effective Design

Designing a website, app, book cover, landing page or any other form of media can be a quick task. You can hire an inexpensive freelancer, purchase a template or outsource to your team to handle it.

But to connect with your audience and actually make an impression, design requires careful consideration (and often several iterations).

If you want to invest in digital media that gets results for your business, you need to work with someone that understands how to study a particular market, how to build an intuitive user experience and how to help you create a compelling message.

“Ever so often you come across a rockstar with integrity and vision to work with. Chelsea is that person.” – C. Reynaldo

Matching Your Message To Your Market

Sure, you can write some general text and add some colors and a nice logo to your marketing material and call it a day.

Then you’d be like everyone else…and be forgotten in the mind of your target audience just as quickly.

Message and design go hand in hand: a design must compliment the message, and vice versa. Your tone, colors, layouts, headlines and angle all matter. How you describe your product or service to a 24-year old is likely different than explaining to a 64-year old. Getting that part right means that you get results.

“First a website, then creating an online academy with courses and curriculum and now a mobile app…our work together continues to evolve.” – P. Ratzan

Work With Those That Elevate You

If you’re going to put time and money into your next project, it should feel really good to do so. Finding the right person to work with is a big part of that.

Thousands of designers, developers and marketers are readily available at your fingertips, just by using Google. You probably know people in your network, or know people who know people that could refer you. You likely have many wonderful options.

But do you know a backwoods tech diva that has an international team, a clutch of chickens, a decade of experience in digital marketing and travels regularly to keep expanding her ideas?

Well, now you do!

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