Reach your audience without it being a digital headache

Let me help you utilize the best channels to engage your audience

Do you have a message to get out to the world…but aren’t reaching your audience in the way you’d like?

Did you know people will spend 11-59 seconds on your site, and likely never return? Or that 77% of users who download your app won’t use it after 3 days? In most cases, this means that 95%-98% of your digital marketing efforts are being wasted.

Here’s a little marketing secret…

No matter who you decide to hire, I want you to take this advice to heart. It will absolutely increase the profits of your business if you do.

There are only 2 steps. Ready?

Step 1. If you want your digital marketing to help make you money (verses being a waste of money), all you have to do is research, hand-copy, and study the greatest sales letters, print ads, and email copy of all time. Then you need to study how users engage with stuff online.

For 3,650 days (about 10 years).

Step 2. Then, you take your ideas, use what you’ve learned about marketing and funnel it into things like websites, email copy, podcasts, books, digital programs…

And test different things to figure out what works best.

It takes time and dedication, plus OCD-level commitment to implementing and tweaking.

Lucky for you, I geek out on implementing behind the scenes way more than sharing a message in the spotlight (that’s your job).

I’m ALSO committed to helping you create a virtual experience and publish content that’s bad ass

(because why else would you hire me?)

My work (and that of my team)

is devoted to making this EASY for you.

The tech stuff can be overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting.

You want to maintain a blog, or publish a podcast, or create a gorgeous website for your company…but the HOURS and WEEKS spent doing so may be enough to make you want to forget it.

What if this was FUN

…and ENERGIZING to work with someone that could help you make it happen without it being a pain in the rear?

what if you could spend your time focusing on what you do best?

(and relax knowing you have a tech DIVA helping you manage it?)

Let’s work together to get your message out to the world and engage your audience.

Let’s learn about your audience: where do they go to find information online? What reassurance are they looking for? Where do they fall off in your sales process? Do they like podcasts, eBooks or online meetups—or do they prefer to learn about your live events and come in person?

The more we learn about your customer, the more effectively we can speak to them in your marketing, and overcome obstacles they have to working with you or buying your products.

We’ll also figure out the best channels for you to share your message.

I’ll hold a virtual bucket while you pour out your ideas…then I’ll funnel them where they need to go.


Meet Chelsea and Tech Diva Media

“Your fresh perspective and data-driven approach motivated my team—and especially when we began to reap the results.”

– Adams Hudson, CEO, Hudson Ink

“You took our content and made a digital education platform out of it…now we have a whole new product offering. Thank you for seeing potential and making it happen when we kept getting lost in the weeds!”

Peter & Jill Ratzan, Co-Founders, College Funding Specialists, Inc.

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