Become more digitally attractive.

Integrate marketing, psychology and user experience design to engage more customers

(we call it cyber seduction)

How can you become more attractive online…so more prospects want to engage with you?

Did you know people will spend 11-59 seconds on your site, and likely never return? Or that 77% of users who download your app won’t use it after 3 days? In most cases, this means that 95%-98% of your digital marketing efforts are being wasted.

Here’s a little “money-getting” secret…

No matter who you decide to hire, I want you to take this advice to heart. It will absolutely increase the profits of your business if you do.

There are only 2 steps. Ready?

Step 1. If you want your digital marketing to help make you money (verses being a waste of money), all you have to do is research, hand-copy, and study the greatest sales letters, print ads and web designs of all time.

For 2,150 days (about 7 years).

Step 2. Then, you take what you’ve learned from copying, implement it into your own marketing and test it. Again. And again.

For even the smallest things (like button labels and email subject lines).

It takes time and dedication. Lucky for you, I’ve done this already…

Sure, of course my work (and that of my team) is devoted to helping you reach the audience you want to attract and driving more revenue growth….

…but we’re ALSO committed to creating an intuitive, virtual experience that looks bad ass

(because why else would you hire us?)


is a test.

We’re in it for the long haul with you. We want to make your digital marketing tailored for YOUR CUSTOMER and for the message YOU want to convey. We’ll learn the things that work and keep refining them…

Your marketing

…begins with understanding what’s going on in your customer’s head.

what outcome do they want?

(perhaps more importantly, what do they want to AVOID?)

Let’s work together to understand your customer better than they understand THEMSELVES.

What are they hesitating about? What reassurance are they looking for? I will work with you to learn the desires, fears and fantasies of your customer so we can speak to them in your marketing.

They’ll feel like you “get them” and you’re on their side.

We’ll build on that rapport by establishing your credibility.


Meet Chelsea and Tech Diva Media

“Your fresh perspective and data-driven approach motivated my team—and especially when we began to reap the results.”

– Adams Hudson, CEO, Hudson Ink

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