what do you get when you combine island soul, country roots and multi-cultural talents?

a creative studio that helps you design + launch beautiful digital things

Think of me like your personal digital magician…or tech therapist.

Do you have goals for your company or product line, but haven’t met the ideal tech and design experts to support you?  You don’t need to sift through lists of companies and websites to figure out who can help. (I mean, you can. Actually, I would encourage you to as a starting point.)

When you want to connect one-on-one, get straight answers,  maybe have a few laughs and be real with someone…it’s time to drop me a note.


What if it was FUN and ENERGIZING to work with someone that could help you make it happen without it being a pain in the rear?

What if you could spend your time focusing on what you do best, and relax knowing you have a tech DIVA helping you manage the digital details?

Recent Projects

I adore what I do…every project takes on a life of its own.


Strategy is about discovering your customers’ and users’ needs, to understand what they are looking for and how we can best serve them with the channels available today.


As I learn about your offerings and your audience, I’ll design a classy digital experience that aligns with your brand standards while being intuitive to use.


With my blended team, we can build complex backend systems as well as simple, elegant apps. Yet we’re a small crew, so you get to benefit from having a nimble team and a personal working relationship.


We can work with you to make sense of your customer data and insights – and help drive new business by finding patterns and improving on your existing systems.
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Well, firstly, thanks for your interest. Drop a quick note about what you're looking for and we'll be in touch.

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